March 6 2018


Podcast: PROJECT Edition Featuring Ghostface

Get to know Ghostface through the eyes of Marcus Troy and Naska Demini on their podcast, WHAT A TIME TO BE ONLINE.
Posted at 12:12 PM
March 2 2018


Press | ExtraTV Covers MAGIC February 2018

Watch our President of FN Platform Leslie Gallin, and our Vice President of WWDMAGIC Kelly Helfman give ExtraTV the scoop on the hottest trade show and what trends are happening for fall in footwear...
Posted at 12:14 PM
March 2 2018


Press | Three 2018 Fashion Trends That Will Have You Rethinking Business As Usual

Digital transformation, Millennial preferences and integrated customer experience are themes that reach far beyond just the fashion industry.
Posted at 12:01 PM
March 2 2018


Press | Las Vegas Trade Shows Ramp Up Technology-Based Offerings, Influences

The shows have added new features that reflect tech's influence, from robotics to social media. 
Posted at 10:57 AM