April 18 2019

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Press | Informa Reveals New FN PLATFORM Strategy

Informa has revealed a new show strategy for FN PLATFORM
Posted at 8:06 AM
January 11 2019

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International Brands Travel to FN PLATFORM | February 2019

Italy. France. Brazil. Spain. Turkey. Footwear designer from over 30 countries from around the world are making the trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend FN PLATFORM.
Posted at 7:54 AM
December 17 2018

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Take A Walk With These New FN PLATFORM Brands

These new brands featured at FN PLATFORM are the perfect mat for an evolving show with a new look and feel. 
Posted at 12:26 PM
December 7 2018

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Women's Footwear Trend Direction | Fall-Winter 2019-2020: The Enchanted

Leading trend forecaster, Fashion Snoops, takes you through one of the biggest trends for Fall - Winter 2019-2020 in women's footwear - The Enchanted....

Posted at 10:26 AM