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July 24 2019

MAGIC MENS Brand Highlight: Tayion

Montee Tayion Holland is a Marine Corps Veteran, former Pfizer exec and athlete who had aspirations of becoming a high school principal. So, how did he get into the men’s fashion business?
Posted at 12:03 PM
August 8 2016


It's Goin' Down at THE COLLECTIVE This Summer

Awards, barber shops, cocktail hours and more!  Here's your comprehensive look at everything happening on THE COLLECTIVE floor this season.  Because business deserves a little fun...

Posted at 9:08 AM
June 15 2016


Behind the Brand with Benny Gold

This season, PROJECT is proud to introduce Benny Gold, premiering with ...

Posted at 2:40 PM
May 23 2016


An American Heritage

Their roots run deep and their heritage is unwavering.  Check out brands from THE COLLECTIVE who truly embody the spirit of the working man with enduring American style.
Posted at 3:29 PM