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July 25, 2016

5 Social Media Tips for Retailers

Posted at 10:50 AM

How do you take your store's social media to the next level? To a point where it's driving sales, building your brand and communicating your DNA? Read on for 5 tips to making the most of your social media strategy and reaching your goals this season.

What are your sales goals? What are your social media goals?  These goals should align and support one another. Social made should not re-invent your goals and strategy, it should just make them turn faster.

How much time can you dedicate to social media each day? Each week? Social media can be a large task, depending one how often you'd like to post and how many platforms you are managing.  Remember that posting is only part of the story and engaging with the community is an undertaking that requires man power. Identify leadership within your team and designate social media responsibility to one specific person. Built a support team if necessary. 

What platforms will help you achieve your goals and which platforms should you abandon?  Don't adopt every platform just to say you have it.  Perhaps Pinterest and Instagram are where you'd like to focus rather than Twitter or Facebook.  Use each platform wisely and remember that a platform that is never updated is much worse than one that doesn't exist.

Content is king.  Focus on high quality images and well rounded, typo-free copy to support it.  Build a voice and a look for your brand on social media. Keep that voice and look consistent from post to post and platform to platform.  Speak to your audience like a human.  Utilize relevant hashtags to make your content more searchable and easier to find.

How are you going to measure your success? Look further than likes and followers, engagement is key and making sure you're reaching the right audience trumps likes any day. Invest in a tracking software such as Simply Measured or Iconosquare to follow your results and track ROI.