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December 11, 2017

Behind the Brand: 40 Colori

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40 Colori

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With a mission statement that echoes the importance of sustainability and transparency, 40 Colori is revolutionizing the menswear accessories market with visionary design and manufacturing practices. Founded in 2014, the family-owned brand is designed in Shoreditch, London and handcrafted in Como, Italy.

40 Colori comes with a strong history. Since 1979, three generations of the Giacalone family have created Made in Italy accessories for other top brands. The latest generation of Giacalones, Gabriele and Giulia, opted for an entrepreneurial approach by opening their eponymous brand, 40 Colori. With a legacy of craftsmanship and excellence, the brand promises an environmentally and socially responsible product that is also finely designed.

Bold color palettes are often ignored in menswear. 40 Colori steps out from the rest with a commitment to creating accessories that set the modern gentleman apart. The brand strays from basic color schemes, opting for vibrant hues that add a pop of color to any exquisitely styled look.


Revolving around the concept of Italian craftsmanship, 40 Colori sources all materials within 170 km of its North Italian Factory. Working with only five producers and ten top suppliers ensures the utmost quality in every piece produced. With mostly all handmade products, visionary artistry is found in each and every piece created.

Ethical craftsmanship is central to the brand. 40 Colori was founded on the pillars of transparency and sustainability. The brand documents every step from sourcing to manufacturing to ensure complete traceability of materials. Utilizing a short supply chain from local producers reduces the carbon footprint and supports local businesses. The brand pays attention to the smallest of details to ensure the highest quality, utilizing organic, rather than pesticide intensive cotton. Leading the fight to safeguard the planet, the Italian brand is ahead of the game.


40 Colori is bringing its most timeless pieces to PROJECT for the brand’s first trade show in the United States. The new collection is inspired by the founder’s familial roots in the stunning island of Sicily. The silhouettes of the time were simple, but precise, echoing the period’s structured attire. The brand’s accessories that highlight this aesthetic are handcrafted from upcycled materials and certified organic cotton. With an emphasis on wool and cashmere knits for layering, 40 Colori is sure to provide comfort and versatility to the modern gentleman’s attire. The brand is also proud to have collaborated with the famed Italian painter, Edoardo Puglisi, for an exclusive selection of pieces.

40 Colori will be featured in the exclusive neighborhood of The Foundry. This curated section of PROJECT presents a sampling of highly elevated men’s apparel, purposeful objects, grooming products and contemporary goods. Revolving around the concept of form and function, The Foundry is the intersection of a utilitarian and truly artistic driven aesthetic.

Register here to attend PROJECT January 21-23 to shop 40 Colori and more of the best brands in the industry.