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November 7, 2016

Behind the Brand: Original Paperbacks

Posted at 11:24 PM

Tired of a menswear market missing colorful variety, Steve Stanton and his team launched Original Paperbacks with the goal of creating a stellar product that delivered consistency, quality and color to men's closet's everywhere.  Starting with five staple short designs and fifty-five color options, the line would grow to include chinos, t-shirts, variations on their original line, swimwear and more.  From updated linen shorts for the fashionable male, to a basic t; Original Paperbacks aims to deliver in-trend, classic, and colorful variations to your wardrobe.

This week, we're going Behind the Brand to chat with Steve himself to learn more about their unique process, their strategies for success and what to expect this February at PROJECT.




PROJECT: Tell us a little bit about what makes Original Paperbacks unique? What keeps customers coming back? 

Steve Stanton: What really makes Original Paperbacks special is our approach to fulfilling orders.  All of our initial styles are a blank canvas awaiting your order.  We don’t dye anything until the customer lets us know what colors they would like to purchase. Owning our dye house gives us a lot of creative freedom to offer and create exceptional colors for our customers. We've never failed to fulfill a color order because of this unique approach. 



PROJECT: What key strategy or strategies have proven to be the driving force of the brand? 

Steve Stanton: There is nothing more powerful than a well-made product, paired with word of mouth. We’re a family owned business that is extremely proud of our organic growth as a company. We sell to both major department stores and small boutiques. Our focus is on delivering quality products with color palettes you can mix and match for any season.

Social media has also proven to be very important. We have not branched out into influencer collaborations at this point, as we feel best represented on social media by the core customers who organically support us. Instead we focus on partnering with key retailers to continue to spread our brand awareness. The best strategy you can have is to continuously deliver a great product. We’ve worked with the same factory since day one, we listen to our feedback and apply it to our line.



PROJECT: Can you tell us a little bit about the collection you'll be showing at PROJECT this February?

Steve Stanton: Consistency is our focus here at Original Paperbacks. We believe in staying true to the staples our customers have come to love. You can expect us to show updated fits and of course new color introductions. Our brand is always about color variation from season to season.



PROJECT: Anything exciting coming down the pipeline for the brand?

Steve Stanton: Yes! We’re very excited to debut the launch of our swim 2.0 line, as well as our brand new knit collection! You’ll have to stop by our booth to see what we’ve whipped up for you this season! We’re especially proud of our new knit collection; from pocket T’s to long sleeves, we have quite a selection.

PROJECT:  Original Paperbacks has been partnering with PROJECT for a couple seasons now and we couldn't be more excited to have you guys on board.  What makes PROJECT a good fit for your brand? 

Steve Stanton: Original Paperback is a great fit for PROJECT because, it’s the perfect blend of big retailer and small boutique. This creates a perfect one stop shop for buyers from all realms of the industry to see and feel our product. We consider it a diverse show, just like the products we strive to create.



PROJECT: Anything you wish you'd known at your very first show that you'd like to share with new brands to steer their success at the show?

Steve Stanton: Our first booth at PROJECT was only 5X10 and we shared with a new jewelry line. Size doesn’t matter, product matters. It’s OK to start out small, focus on providing an excellent product. Make sure you can fulfill your orders (that’s very important) and provide meaningful customer service. The rest should take care of itself.

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