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April 17, 2019

Coachella Festival Style | April 2019

Posted at 3:08 PM

Festival season is upon us, which means it is time to perfect your festival style. From track pants to exotic animal prints and so much more, the festival goers at Coachella 2019 delivered an eclectic mix of trends this season. Take a look below and get to know some of the top trends that were spotted on the grounds. 


Coachella Festival Style | April 2019


A stripped down prairie look was spotted throughout the arid landscape of Palm Springs this year. With a rural outback feel, this prairie look incorporates less frill and much more denim. Consider light sunbleached cottons and a knotted neckline for that romantic feminine feel.  

Coachella Festival Style | April 2019


The track pant is another confirmation of the growing streetwear vibe we've been seeing during festival season. This key item is not only super practical and comfortable, but also offers a flattering fit to multiple body types. Coachella party goers sported this look with a matching crop - top in coordinating colors.  

Coachella Festival Style | April 2019


Floral patterns continue to thrive throughout festival season this year without feeling too bohemian. These bright patters are easy to pair up with casual basics while still ushering in that feeling of optimism and femininity with vintage undertones. 

Coachella Festival Style | April 2019


Exotic animal prints took on a neutral tone during this year's Coachella festival. Head-to-toe ensembles were spotted in python, tiger, zebra, and cheetah print. 

Coachella Festival Style | April 2019


The mini slip dress was one of the sexier looks spotted on the grounds of Coachella. This incredibly easy to wear dress was seen in short lengths with a variety of eye-catching patterns. For that lingerie feel, a straight neckline with skinny straps works best. 

Coachella Festival Style | April 2019


Neon Highlight was a powerful color seen throughout this year's Coachella Festival. For added impact, these party goers opted for matching sets or workwear-inspired items. 

Coachella Festival Style | April 2019


Coachella dialed up the heat on millennial pink! Full head-to-toe looks of vibrant Barbie-inspired hues were a major influence this year. This bold color choice proved not only to be incredibly flattering on a variety of skin tones but also fitting for masculine and feminine looks. 

Coachella Festival Style | April 2019


Biker shorts caused quite a stir last summer with it-girls all over the world wearing these bodycon shorts. It's no surprise that these active-driven spandex shorts were an essential item for Coachella goers as they partied the night away. 

Coachella Festival Style | April 2019


Fanny packs are no longer a cringe-worthy 90's trend, in fact, they have evolved into a practical and stylish accessory option. This bag works especially well for those long festival days were being hands-free is a must. Interesting zippers and hardware can give this item a refreshing feel. 

Coachella Festival Style | April 2019


A multitude of orange shades were spotted on the festival grounds of Coachella this year. Bright euphoric colors continue to come to the forefront of fashion this season and we're not surprised to see the impact its made in festival street style. These standout hues will help you stand out of any crowd! 

Coachella Festival Style | April 2019


Matching sets continue to dominate the fashion space this season. There is an undeniable sense of effortless ease when wearing a two-piece set. This also works as an excellent solution for those festival goers who need to pack light but also want an impactful selection of ensembles.


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