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January 2, 2018

Denim: A Timeless Perspective

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With a sharp trend towards the casualization of fashion, denim sits at the intersection of style and comfort. Jeans are a staple of a growing number of dress codes, and this new perspective on denim has recharged the industry’s take on the versatile fabric. With a colossal $56.2 million in sales, as reported by Fashion United, the global denim market accounts for a bulk of apparel purchases. According to P&S Market Research the denim industry is slated to grow with a constant average rate of 6.4%, translating to a myriad of opportunities in the market.

Denim has revolutionized the industry since it’s conception in 1873. With the average male owning about 6 pairs of jeans, the denim category is both reliable and promising. From the essential pair of jeans to novel denim jackets, the fabric’s versatility has appealed to all. The denim market has been anything but static, with innovations galore. Leading the recharge of the denim industry are PROJECT brands that continue to reinterpret the fabric.



Manufacturing denim is one of the most water-intensive processes that uses countless toxic dyes. Many brands are taking the necessary steps towards more sustainable practices when it comes to production of jeans. AG Jeans utilizes eco-conscious fibers and ozone technology that cuts water consumption by 50% according to the company website. Agave and Joe’s Jeans are also leading the way in reinventing the manufacturing process with their innovative and sustainable processes.

Made in America


Bringing production back to the U.S. is increasingly important to conscious consumers who prefer local products to those made abroad. Baldwin, Fidelity Denim, and Raleigh Denim are proud to craft all their products in America.

Avant-Garde Fit


Denim fit has been a strong pain point for shoppers for years, but multiple companies are taking an innovative approach on the fit and style of jeans to accommodate every body shape and taste. DL 1961 designs jeans with super sculpting stretch fibers to ensure both comfort and a flattering fit. 34 Heritage meticulously works to design jeans that fit a variety of diverse sizes, going the extra mile with it’s standards. Calvin Klein, Lucky Brand, Neuw Denim, Rock Revival, and Stitch’s have similarly worked relentlessly to provide their loyal customers with a fit that consistently outshines the rest.



Being active members of the community and giving back is as important as ever. MAVI, PAIGE, and Silver Jeans Co. are leading the way with their strong commitment to working with several charities and non-profits. MAVI has dedicated countless company resources to the Indigo Turtles Project which has helped save 15,000 Caretta sea turtles every year according to the company website.



Shoppers are on the hunt for denim that is on-trend, but most importantly both comfortable and versatile. Blank NYC is taking stretch denim to the next level with it’s innovative use of visionary fabrics to create denim that matches all the modern man’s requirements. Driftwood, Frame Denim, Jack of Spades, 7 for all Mankind, and Slate Denim are similarly revolutionizing the fabrication space.

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