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May 24, 2018

CURVE LAS VEGAS' Most Popular Brands on Instagram | August 2018

Posted at 7:18 PM

More and more, shoppers are looking to social media to find new trends and discover new brands. It’s amazing news if you have a highly engaged audience online, but if you don’t, you could be leaving business on the table.

Luckily, there are options. A great way to build your audience online is by selling digitally influential brands. Not only can you capitalize on their cult following, you can also learn from their online strategy.


✓ Personalized customer service 
✓ Feature their followers wearing their products 
✓ Utilize targeted social advertising 
✓ Engage in real-time 
✓ Take advantage of new platform features
✓ Create unique, end-to-end shopping experiences

That’s why we’re bringing you some of social media’s most famous fashion brands this season at MAGIC. Whether you’re looking to increase your likes, triple your engagement, or simply reach a new audience, these digital influencers could be your ticket to success.


Body Glove CURVE LAS VEGAS MAGIC August 2018


Body Glove does an excellent job of posting photos both of editorial shoots as well as influencer photoshoots. Their usage of influencer marketing is a great example. They combine many lifestyle images that fit with the Body Glove image. 

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Cosabella CURVE LAS VEGAS MAGIC August 2018


Cosabella’s dynamic Instagram account reflects the brand well. They engage their consumers by promoting their customer’s style with the hashtag #cosabellastyle. The brand does a great job of actively interacting with their consumer.

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Gottex CURVE LAS VEGAS MAGIC August 2018


Gottex uses editorial product images to guide their Instagram. They offer consumers a chance to be featured in their favorite Gottex gear with the hashtag #gottexswim. They do an amazing job of clearly defining their brand through lifestyle images and model photoshoots. 

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Register now to meet these brands at MAGIC this August.


CURVE LAS VEGAS on Instagram

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