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February 6, 2018

Meet the Maker Feat. Agapantha

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Creator of all things beautiful and dainty, Agapantha designs minimalistic and modern jewelry. We sat down with the founder, Dani Paquin, to learn all about the brand.

What inspired you to launch your brand?

It all started fourteen years ago in a small apartment in New York City. I was a full-time singer-songwriter (so many hyphens!) and needed some extra money to help pay the bills between tours. In addition, I needed to find balance in my life - a break from late nights and long hours on the road. Serendipitously I met a talented jewelry maker who became my mentor and ignited my love for the craft. I started designing my own pieces, took the hustle from my music career, and focused it towards getting my jewelry in local stores. Slowly, jewelry making became my full-time career and music took a backseat.

What was the most challenging part of launching your business?

Designing and creating the jewelry is just one part of the puzzle. There is of course, the business aspect of running a business! The hardest part was and still is, learning all things empire building, such as which software programs I should use, hiring and managing staff, scaling, finance, etc. Also, the trial and error of finding good vendors and supply houses is a long and tedious road. Everyday I'm learning something new and facing new challenges. As Agapantha grows, I, as a designer and businesswoman, grow with it and am always extremely grateful for every opportunity.   

How does your background in music impact your design aesthetic?

I started by creating jewelry I wanted to wear, whether on stage or just day to day. I have always designed delicate pieces that can add a little glimmer to any outfit or can be layered and stacked for big impact. While performing I needed pieces that could be versatile and expressive. Being a musician I am very aware and sensitive and I like expressing my thoughts and ideas both audibly and visually.  




Why did you choose POOL?

I choose POOL because it's the place to be! Designers I admire personally and from afar participate in POOL so I'm always honored to work alongside them. The show is a concentrated marketplace of talented makers and it has a huge variety of shoppers. POOL attracts great buyers from all around the world, from Japan to the West Indies, whom I would never otherwise meet! Between all the attendees and the amazing staff, this show has become an extended family. I always look forward to hearing feedback about my product directly from stores and of course we always love hearing, "we've been looking all over the show for Agapantha!"

What's your favorite part of POOL?

My favorite part of POOL is the human interaction.  So often business is done behind a screen, or in my case in a studio. We are all so busy with emails, calls, databases, and social media, that we miss sitting face to face with people. Also, it's so much better to look at products in person! You can really feel the weight of the metal, examine the care that went into each piece, and see how it looks solo or styled in a stack. The Agapantha booth is always a party and we do everything we can to make the experience fun for any shopper. We love people and want to live it up while the show is goin' down!

What's next for the brand?

This year is going to be very exciting for Agapantha. We are available in more stores than ever and are doing so many fun pop-ups in places like Madewell, J. Crew and West Elm. We have some big plans for expansion up our sleeves so you will have to stay tuned for the big reveal. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for all announcements at @AgapanthaJewelry.

Thank you to our friends at POOL for featuring us in your blog and on your Instagram! We love you!

Apply to exhibit at POOLTRADESHOW February 12-14, 2018 here!

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