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January 31, 2018

Meet the Maker Feat. Shore

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Inspired by the ethereal nature of the most stunning beaches throughout the world, Shore designs garments that double as lifestyle and vacation wear. Created based on the beach life aesthetic, Shore is imbued with simplicity and a natural cool factor. We got a behind the scenes look into the brand and what they are all about.  

What inspired you to launch your brand? 

We saw that there was a huge void in the marketplace and we wanted a lifestyle brand that spoke to people like us who seek comfort and quality in their regular lives. We want our customers to really live and feel like the best version of their vacation selves on the daily.

What was the most challenging part of launching your business? 

The most challenging part of launching our brand was sourcing the quality of fabric we wanted to represent our brand. We wanted to use high-end fabrics so we decided to source supima Cotton, which is all grown right here in the states. Notably, supima cotton is the finest cotton in the world and we wanted to provide our customers with that superior comfort and quality. We have most of our fabrics knit to our specifications so we can control the quality of the final garment. 

How did you decide on the brand name? 

Shore just spoke to us as a brand name because we consider ourselves water-centric and love to vacation on or near the water, or the Shore.  It can be the shores of Lake Michican, or beaches of the Hamptons, as long as we’re by the water we feel like our best selves.




In what ways has your brand committed to sustainability? 

At Shore we pride ourselves in sustainability by using environmentally friendly dye processes. We also use primarily natural fibers in our fabrics. 

Why did you choose POOL? 

Pool was the perfect fit for Shore because the buyer Pool attracts is looking for something new and fresh and that’s exactly what POOL brands bring to the table.

What’s your favorite part of POOL? 

We love pool because Pool showcases so many different lines that speak to our brand and we look forward to working even more with west coast retailers.  

What’s next for the brand? 

Our next focus will be on developing our men's swim division. This is a huge category for us and much needed to round out the brand.  

Apply to exhibit at POOLTRADESHOW February 12-14, 2018 here!

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