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September 22, 2015

Men’s Footwear Brands - The Roundup

Posted at 3:16 PM

Shoes are the foundations for a great outfit, and so we made sure to supply them for our 2015 Las Vegas show. While each show has a little bit of something different to offer, one consistant is some amazing footwear options. We scoured the floor and picked out some footwear brands from PROJECT, THE TENTS and FN Platform that really stand out.




Grenson stood tall amongst many great brands in THE TENTS and it's no suprise when you look at their work. Handcrafted in the UK, the brand has established a name as one of the best boot companies in the world. Using quality materials and a process of production that ensures they will stand the test of time Grenson has proven once again that good things last.




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Sneakers have gone through a major resurgence within that last decade thanks to the help of a multitude of brands, but none have come in and made such a impact as TCG. Formally known as Thorocraft, TCG rebranded and brought to the table an out of this world collection with it. Utilizing minimalist silhouettes and well picked materials the brand added their own twist to the footwear industry. With attention to details the brand presented a standout collection at the August 2015   PROJECT show that seems like the beginning of something amazing.



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Stepping into the Crosby Square booth you got a good sense of a brand that knows what they're doing. The brand merchandised their shoes in front a brick wall, with a collection of vintage inspired ads that would be sure to make even Don Draper proud. The brand perfectly blends a mix of classic styles with a twist of modern approach. A special congratulations to Crosby Square once again for their award as "Blogger Favorite" at this seasons #bloggerPROJECT awards.



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Toms has helped usher in a new era in terms of business practices. Helping shift an entire economic mindset is no small feat and their presence at PROJECT was felt. Presenting their newest collection which puts together simple styles and colorful prints, TOMS once again moves forward with their designs. As the brand continues to grow their success allows for new and innovative perspectives to come to life, which in turn helps push the footwear industry into a positive future.



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Style is one thing when it comes to footwear but sometimes there is a very specific purpose for the choice of what you wear. When it comes to comfort, quality and standout designs, Fjallraven sits amongst the best. Within the always extravagant Fjallbooth booth (winner of the August #bloggerPROJECT best large booth merchandising) sits a selection of footwear that stands true to the brands commitment to excellence.




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Conhpol was a strong representation of the European style at FN Platform. While the brand stays true to their Polish heritage very well, it's their clean simple silhouettes and focus on details that elevates them to such high regard. Utilizing unparallel production methods, the end result is a beautiful shoe that is almost as beautiful to look at as is to wear.



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FN Platform favorites Parc City Boot Co. creates an amazing boot that looks the part and has all the functionality needed. Crafted in Portugal with the man on the go in the mind, these boots have a solid construction with subtle details that makes it standout.




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