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April 11, 2018

Nordstrom's First NYC Store

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Nordstrom is one of the single most prestigious department stores in the United States, with 369 locations and a range of store concepts. The stock market listed company is adding another store to its repertoire, its very first New York City location dedicated exclusively to menswear. 

To celebrate the new store, Nordstrom hosted an opening party that highlighted the location’s unparalleled offerings. Attended by the likes of Mark Ruffalo and Rashida Jones, the event showcased the store's avant-garde take on retail.


The new retail location is a mecca of brands, services, and experiences that satisfy every need of the modern man. To cater to the millennial’s penchant for a mix of high and low fashion, Nordstrom Men’s offers everything from Levi’s to Balenciaga.

Aside from the impressive line-up of brands, the store offers services that are crafted to ease the shopping experience from start to finish. Customers have access to store pickup 24/7, same day delivery, and a grooming section. All in all, this location is a one-stop-shop for the stylistically driven man. To add on to the list of services the store has, Levi’s and Shinola offer on-site customization.


Nordstrom is ahead of the retail game in its fashion tech agenda as well. The store is equipped with digital screens that display custom-made jackets on an avatar that represents the shopper.  Alongside this innovative offering, Nordstrom boasts a multitude of experienced tailors that ensure that customers' products fit impeccably.

Nordstrom is in expansion mode with plans to open an even larger women’s store in 2018, as the company continually innovates the retail landscape. Make sure to visit the new Men's store to experience Nordstrom's take on the reinterpreted and elevated department store.


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