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January 29, 2019

NY Men’s January 2019 | Highlights From The Show

Posted at 9:23 AM

The 2019 debut of New York Men’s saw PROJECT and MRKET unite to deliver the most distinguished names in menswear.  The January marketplace brought never-before-seen collections, elite buyers, and a culture that cultivated community. The first show of the season gave retailers and brands a chance to connect with old friends and meet new ones, while exploring what’s to come for their industry. 


New York Men's January 2019 Events, Happenings, and Seminars



The NY Men’s team created distinctive initiatives throughout the show floor to enhance the experience for both brands and attendees. Each event brought both sides together to make their relationship that much stronger. 

PROJECT teamed up with award winning publication COOL HUNTING to help buyers shop and have a little fun along the way. As purveyors of the latest intersection of design, culture and technology, the COOL HUNTING team collected a list of their favorite items from the PROJECT floor. Creating a scavenger hunt, they sent retailers on an adventure through the PROJECT floor to find the exhibitors that they felt reflected their favorite characteristics of innovation and creativity. The retailers with the most information filled out on their scavenger hunt sheet, were awarded with prizes totaling $35,000. This was an opportunity for buyers to discover brands that they previously may not have known prior to the show, breaking the trade show mold of appointment driven buying.

The line never seemed to end at Vince’s custom cold-weather giveaway activation. The leading global luxury apparel and accessories brand embroidered 100% cashmere beanies and scarves all show long. As buyer waited in line, they got to enjoy hot beverages with a kick, to keep the winter weather at bay. 

The MRKET Clubroom, hosted by MR Magazine and MRKET Ambassadors, offered a place to congregate outside of the booth for a more relaxed meeting environment. Featuring a cash bar with daily happy hours, gaming area, and a photo studio, the MRKET Clubroom amalgamated brands, retailer, and show management.

Coming off a successful launch in Las Vegas, the N:OW at PROJECT section of the show presented forums on what’s new, now, and next in men’s fashion. Curated by trend forecasting site WGSN, experts from companies like GQ and Highsnobiety, offered their insider perspectives on fashion trends. Crowds gathered to learn about a plethora of different topics including how to sustain the attention of the ever-elusive Millennial and Gen Zer cohorts, the future of streetwear, and a look into NYC’s downtown scene. One seminar examined the renaissance of classic American prep and Josh Mathews from Vintage Collections offered up the fact that “People are increasingly cultural omnivores, breaking down the barriers between streetwear and prep.” The N:OW seminars provided the PROJECT attendees with the perfect opportunity to learn how to appeal to their increasingly culturally-minded consumer base.



Read on to learn about some of the brands that were making an impact on the show floor this January.


Barbour celebrating 125 years in business at NY Men's this January


Celebrating 125 years in business, this 5th generation family owned robust lifestyle brand brought the party to the show floor this January 20-22nd. By showcasing their rugged all-purpose clothing and accessories, a buyer would quickly learn that a product with 125 years of design behind it has its perks. Each piece of Barbour product has been designed with technical fabrics, attention to detail, and fitness for a purpose. The Royal family even took notice, receiving three Royal warrants to provide waterproof and protective clothing to the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince Philip. 

Barbour’s co-chairman Dame Margret Barbour was given the reigns when her husband passed away suddenly in 1968. Then a teacher, Dame Margret carried the torch of the Barbour legacy and learned the industry inside and out. She grew the brand tremendously over the course of 40-50 years, now in every major marketplace in the world with the US being the most successful and what better place to grow their company than MRKET? MRKET allows for an intimate relationship to evolve between brand and buyer that the internet cannot provide, and Barbour sees how valuable that is, “We do both the New York and Vegas shows because it’s a great place to highlight the product and showcase the brand on our own terms, in our own vision.” says Barbour’s senior key account manager, Roger Vasquez. Being able to give their customer a personalize buying experience is important to Barbour, along with every brand that exhibits at NY Men’s. Adding an additional layer for the retailers to explore their brand, Barbour included a display on the show floor that celebrated their 125thanniversary. It included pictures and mannequins featuring past collections of iconic outerwear styles from 1894 to their present day styling and diverse product lines, as well as glasses of champagne to celebrate a successful show. “It was great! We should have ordered 20-30 more cases, but it was well received, and we got a lot of good play off the party. Some blogs, some photos with us tagged in it, and some new buyers.” 

Learn more about Barbour: www.barbour.com


éS at N:OW at PROJECT in NY Men's

Photos provided by éS


If you follow the streetwear wave, you know that skate culture has immense influence over today’s hottest fashion look. And if you knew that, you’ll also know that éS and its parent company Sole Technology inc were at the forefront of the skating boom throughout the 80s and 90s. Bringing technology to the streets, éS wanted to develop a high performance shoe that would endure the constant beating by the pavement and grip tape, but at the same time innovative and stylish enough to relax in after a long day at the skatepark. Designing a shoe with a higher rubber side tread and details in the polyurethanes and gels attributed to their popularity in one of the most important eras in their industry.

Since éS was the only major brand that was made by skaters for skaters, elite riders like Eric Koston, Tom Penny, and Chad Muska gravitated towards their designs and culture which propelled them to the top. After a quick hiatus in mid-2012, éS started to see their iconic 90’s look make a come back in the skate and streetwear industries. Their “puffy” shoe designs seemed to be inspiring new creative figures like Kanye West’s in his Adidas’ shoe line. This was one of the main factors that contributed to éS exhibiting at N:OW at PROJECT’s first show in NY as well as PROJECT SOLE, “We started getting so much demand from people based on our rich heritage and story that we relaunched some of our shoes and the retailers bought it out within one day!” says Don Brown, chief brand strategies for sole technology. Brown elaborated “NY really speaks to the brand. We’re connected to that more urban and sporty kind of culture and the other companies here represent that same exact thing. It’s been a great show, there a lot of retailers here that we sell to and ones we’d like to sell to, so it was a simple decision to come here”. Brown understands that N:OW at PROJECT creates the right type of community by connecting culturally relevant brands who drive what’s next in fashion.  

Learn more about éS: www.ésskateboarding.com


The People Vs brand exhibiting at NY Men's this January

Photos provided by The People Vs


With one glimpse of The People Vs’s booth, you knew that they were conceived with the notion that “fitting in” meant nothing. This new age, anti-establishment, grunge streetwear brand makes vintage-inspired high quality clothing for those that were born to stand out. Their unique style stems from experimenting with washing, dying, and innovative printing techniques that allowed them to maintain their signature detailing and hand-feel. Originating in a small boutique space in the alleys of Bali, The People Vs have established a strong retail presence in their new home of Australia while creating a solid authority in Japan, New Zealand, and Asia. Now, making a major push in the US market, The People Vs moved their way into Nordstrom, among others, and it seems like exhibiting at N:OW at PROJECT will garner further success “Our East coast team had a great first day today and we got quite a few orders for the West coast as well” says Dave Durey, an account executive at The Park Showroom who owns The People Vs brand. When asked if they’re coming back for the Las Vegas installment of N:OW at PROJECT February 5-7, Durey joyfully responded with “Oh, Absolutely! We’re there.” 

Learn more about The People Vs: www.thepeoplevs.com