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May 15, 2019

Something in the Water 2019 Trends

Posted at 10:15 AM
Something in the Water 2019 Trends

This past April, Virginia Beach held its first-ever major festival, 'Something in the Water.' The community-style festival is the brainchild of music legend and Virginia native, Pharrell Williams. Williams felt it was time to give back to his hometown, which is known for its own unique style in music and culture. The weekend offered an eclectic lineup from artists such as Snoop Dogg to modern-day philosophers like Deepak Chopra. The show took place right on the sandy beach where Fashion Snoops photography team was ready on site to capture the best looks in street style.


Something in the Water 2019 Trends

Bold colorful stripes were a major trend seen at this beachside festival. Summery orange set the tone as the foundation color for the majority of these stripes, oriented vertically and horizontally.


Something in the Water Trends 2019

An edgy futuristic theme showed a sporty look via hyper-saturated neons, silvery fabrics, and a big play on proportion and silhouette.


Something in the Water 2019 Trends

Playful oceanic-themed looks showcased iridescent fabrics, seashells and deep aquatic green and blue hues.


Something in the Water Trends 2019

As seen earlier this year at Coachella, neon limeade continues to thrive in the festival scene. This brighter than bright color is incredibly flattering on multiple skin tones and looks best in head-to-toe looks.


Something in the Water Trends 2019

Sunflowers were spotted throughout the festival grounds. This theme was brought to life through bold prints, head accessories and swimwear.

Something in the Water Trends 2019


Something in the Water 2019 Trends

A strong tropical getaway vibe was felt throughout the festival with plenty of kitschy tourist shirts and floral patterns.


Something in the Water 2019 Trends

The unitard was definitely a standout key item seen throughout the festival's sandy grounds. This one-piece is characterized by a second-skin fit made from high-stretch spandex. A sporty surfer look fit perfectly with the oceanside festival.


Something in the Water 2019 Trends

Many partygoers sported outdoorsy utilitarian looks fit for a post-festival hike with plenty of cargo vests, trail shorts and nature-themed patterns + graphics.


Something in the Water 2019 Trends

The 80s and 90s are always a favorite decade to visit when it comes to the youth market. This time around, we spotted a strong 80s sporty look with retro tracksuits, vintage sporty tees and plenty of neon colors!


Something in the Water 2019 Trends

Animal prints continue to thrive this year. Wildcat print was a favorite choice and was spotted in mini skirts, head bands, and spandex trousers.


Something in the Water 2019 Trends

Marigold yellow was a prominent color seen in both men and women's looks. This offered a fresh summery look that worked best in matching sets, dresses, coveralls and tees.


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