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December 7, 2018

Sourcing Trend Direction | Spring-Summer 2020: Ethos

Posted at 10:28 AM

Leading trend forecaster, Fashion Snoops, takes you through the biggest culture and trend directions for Spring-Summer 2020, such as: Ethos.
Explore the colors, materials, patterns & graphics here.


Sourcing Trend Direction | Spring-Summer 2020: Ethos

In Ethos, we remind ourselves of the joys of being human. We embrace our emotions and find joy in the little moments in life, appreciating that the unexpected and unplanned often end up being the best. There's a continuing appreciation for craft and a new sense of minimalism that is arising through local design, one that actually speaks to a purpose. "JOMO" (Joy of Missing Out) is added to our vocabulary as we seek off- the grid travel, slow living practices and body positive thinking. Sustainability is taking on new forms with plant-based fabrics, and and increase in farm-to-table ingredients is found in beauty and health. 




Sourcing Trend Direction | Spring-Summer 2020: Ethos

The global community is redefining what success means by challenging the traditional routes taken to get there. The flexibility of freelance culture and the idea of access over ownership contribution to the romance of a nomadic life. We are seeking rest and deeper life meaning during our vacations, thus off the grid travel, retreats, and shared experiences are in demand. There's a dawning of consciousness emerging in the workforce. A renewed focus on work/life balance is becoming increasingly important. A key element to happiness are the experiences that are beneficial to our overall mental and physical health. 



Sourcing Trend Direction | Spring-Summer 2020: Ethos

Packaging the Lifestyle  •   Shared Experiences  •  Slow Living  •   Freelance Culture •  Sharing Economy



Sourcing Trend Direction | Spring-Summer 2020: Ethos



Local craft is seen as elevated design, giving purpose and meaning to every raw material used. With emphasis shifting towards slow craftwork we cherish traditional weaving, and crochet knitting techniques to inspire a new generation of process driven materials. Sustainability takes on new forms with regenerated organics and plant based fibers . that showcase how imperfectly beautiful nature can be. 

Sourcing Trend Direction | Spring-Summer 2020: Ethos

Textured Linen  •   Matte Silk  •  Fragile Sheers  •   Bright Loomwork


Sourcing Trend Direction | Spring-Summer 2019-2020: Ethos

Crisp Cotton  •   Crafted Crochet  •  Natural Straw  •   Ultra-Fine Knit 



Sourcing Trend Direction | Spring-Summer 2020: Ethos

In Check  •   Quiet Flora  •  Ripple Effect  •   Primitive Lines 

Sourcing Trend Direction | Spring-Summer 2020: Ethos

Blanket Stripe  •   Pumice Stone  •  Citrus Energy  •   Sun Worship


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