December 4 2018

The mmode Cluster is BACK! Discover more Montréal fashion at MAGIC this February.

Quality, creativity, innovation and reliability are what distinguish Montréal-based fashion brands. Preview the mmode Cluster brand lineup now and get ready to shop MAGIC in February.
Posted at 5:48 PM
December 4 2018


Press | CFDA: How REMODE Addresses Design, Innovation, Sustainability and Technology

REMODE, a two-day meeting of fashion’s top minds across design, innovation, sustainability and technology, took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center over two days earlier this month.
Posted at 12:00 PM
November 27 2018


ACCESSORIE CIRCUIT Brands to Watch | January 2019

ACCESSORIE CIRCUIT returns to the NY Women's market in January 2019. Get to know a few of the show's newest brands.
Posted at 10:29 AM
November 27 2018


PROJECT WOMENS Brands to Watch | January 2019

Before you hit the show floor running, get to know a few notable brands showcasing their collections at PROJECT WOMENS this January.
Posted at 10:23 AM