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July 25 2019

Men's Brands to Watch | August 2019

MAGIC is right around the corner! For a cheat sheet to get you ready for the August 2019 men's events, click the show logos below for a few highlights from PROJECT, THE TENTS, MAGIC MENS, and FN...
Posted at 8:17 AM
July 24 2019

MAGIC MENS Brand Highlight: Tayion

Montee Tayion Holland is a Marine Corps Veteran, former Pfizer exec and athlete who had aspirations of becoming a high school principal. So, how did he get into the men’s fashion business?
Posted at 12:03 PM
July 24 2019


PROJECT Brand Highlight: Polo Ralph Lauren

NEW at Project: The World of Polo Ralph Lauren: Men’s Sportswear, Men’s Footwear, Women’s Ready-to-wear, Women’s accessories – presented with a new and unexpected twist.
Posted at 11:33 AM
July 24 2019


PROJECT N:OW Brand Highlight: Dumbgood

Do things like Blockbuster Video, The Goosebumps Series and Nickelodeon bring up fond memories for you? They do for Justin Deanda and Amelia Mugbel, which is why they launched Dumbgood in 2017.
Posted at 9:28 AM