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MAGIC February 2020


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Have questions about the show? Need help registering?


[email protected]


+1 (877) 554-4834


+1 (218) 740-6873

Exhibitor FAQ


I am a contracted exhibitor. How do I register my staff for their badges?


Please log onto your exhibitor portal and register yourself and your fellow employees.


Returning Exhibitors: Only the authorized show contact for your company account has received a “Registration is Live” email informing them that they can now login at www.ubmexhibitor.com with their username and password they created for the past show. They will use the same log-in information created last season to register (which will be their e-mail address in Salesforce and their chosen password)

New Exhibitors: (show contact/registration contact on the opportunity) will receive a Welcome Email with their username and a link to create a password. This Welcome Email is in addition to the Registration is Live Email. Once their username/password is created, they can login at www.ubmexhibitor.com to begin registering. 


For any registration related issues/questions your exhibitors may have, please email [email protected]


Customer Support: Please contact our Customer Service team if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Email:                [email protected]
  • Toll Free:           +1 (877) 554-4834
  • International:     +1 (218) 740-6873

How will I get my show badge?


This MAGIC, Show Management is pleased to introduce our Digital Badge and ‘Tap & Go’ wristbands for show entry. To ensure a smooth transition to this new process, please read below. 

WRISTBAND & DIGITAL ACCESS - What's the difference?

In an effort to be more sustainable we have adopted a digital badge found within the MAGIC LAS VEGAS mobile app (COMING SOON TO YOUR APP STORE).  Your credentials and ID can be found within the badge section of the mobile app. Attendees will also have a digital badge and be able to quickly share all of their contact information with you onsite via the mobile app.

MAGIC Digital Badge: 


Where do I find the MAGIC digital badge?

The digital badge is located on the MAGIC Las Vegas App. (COMING SOON TO YOUR APP STORE) Once the App is live, we will notify you via email to download. 


How do I download the mobile app?

Please visit your app store once the app is live. App is compatible with any iPhone and Android device.


What is the purpose of the digital badge?

The digital badge is our new badging system, it contains the same information as printed badge, like your name, company information and other credentials. The digital badge produces zero environmental waste.


Do I need to log into the mobile app to access the digital badge?

Yes, in order to retrieve your digital badge you will need to login to your previous account or create a new account using your confirmation number and last name. You can find your confirmation number in your confirmation registration email.


where is the digital badge located on the magic app?

The digital badge is located under the tab ‘Badge’ on the main home screen of the app. 

MAGIC Mobile AppMAGIC Mobile App


what if my digital badge reads the wrong information?

(Name, Company information, etc.) Please visit one of our Onsite Registration locations.



what if I don't have a smart phone to download the mobile app?

Present your confirmation number at any registration location and we will be able to assist.



Where do I find mobile app support onsite?

There is a dedicated App Success Team located throughout the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. 



Will there be Wi-Fi and charging stations provided at the show?

Complimentary Wi-Fi will be available to you throughout the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Please visit your nearest Customer Service desk or App Success Team member for assistance. Charging stations will be available to you throughout the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.



how do wristbands work?

The wristband is a seamless process of, “Tap and Go”. Not only does your wristband carry your company information but your wristband grants you physical access to the MAGIC show floor – including seminars, events, happy hours and after hour performances. 


how to properly put on wristband: Wristbands assistance is available to you at any of our registration locations. We also have helpful App Success team members to assist with any questions or concerns.  Here are some tips of how to put on the wristband to ensure you have a comfortable experience:

  • Find a friend! You only get one shot at this, so we recommend an extra hand to help.
  • Use the one finger rule. The wristband should be snug enough that no more than one finger can fit between the band and your wrist. The band can be on either your left or right wrist, whichever feels more comfortable.
  • Slide the closure towards your wrist to tighten. Hold the loose ends when sliding. The closure slides one-way and cannot be loosened.
  • Please do NOT cut the loose ends.

do I always need to wear the wristband?

Yes, we are asking for all MAGIC participants to wear their wristband, at all times. The wristband allows access on and off the show floor with a “Tap and Go” entrance.


Can I tie the wristband to my bag?

Unfortunately, no. The wristband must be worn on your wristband each day.


can I register my wristband for another person?

Unfortunately, no. Each wristband is linked to your unique digital badge. 


If I misplace my wristband, where do I go?

Please visit one of our Onsite Registration locations.


How do I dispose of my wristband after the event? registration locations:

Recycle bins will be located at each lobby space.

registration locations: 


Pre-Registered Exhibitors Only: Pre-Registration locations are for individuals that already have registered online and have received their confirmation number and have download the MAGIC Las Vegas app. (Please see Mobile app information above)


Locations: Registration desk will be at each main entrance of the show.

onsite registration: 


where do I find mobile app support onsite?

Our App Success Team is available to you at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, shuttles and other satellite registration kiosks.


can exhibitors do bulk check-in?

Yes, exhibitors can pick up their colleague/associates wristbands at either one of our onsite registration locations: 



Step 1: Please login to your Exhibitor Portal - www.ubmexhibitor.com

Step 2: Click on the Registration Tile on the upper right hand corner






Step 3: Select My Show (MAGIC)








Step 4: Select Bulk Register






Step 5: IMPORTANT - Bring the list of bulk registrants to onsite registration to collect your wristbands. We won't be able to bulk print without this list.


Do I need a new wristband every day?

No, after you have received your wristband, that allows access the remaining of the show.


how will I know who is a buyer and who is an exhibitor?

There are two ways to indicate if someone is a buyer or an exhibitor. First options are, looks at the wristband color. (please refer to wristband color chart below). Second option is to ask to scan or look at digital badge.

Wristband for MAGIC


WHITE: Exhibitor 

GOLD: Visitor - Guest of Sales, Guest, Child, Press, Speaker, Manufacture, EAC, Factory, Wholesaler, Media, Student, or any other non-retailer.

BLACK: Buyer/Retailer

GREY: Sourcing attendee only

RED: Sourcing Exhibitor 

where will my company information be listed?

To keep Buyers updated on the latest booth location information, we’ve gone digital with our Exhibitor listings. Buyers will now be able to access your company name and booth location directly via the app and onsite kiosks exclusively. 

how do I make changes to my exhibitor account?

Please contact your Account Executive to make any changes to your account, including address, main contact or company name.

I have a question regarding ordering, shipping, drayage, rentals, a custom booth, etc. who should I contact?


Please contact the GES Exhibitor Service Center at (800) 475-2098

how do I order electrical or catering for my booth?

Please refer to your GES Exhibitor Kit or contact your Account Executive.

where do I ship my merchandise and crates?

Whenever possible, ship merchandise in advance to the GES warehouse. Follow the instructions on Advance Shipping located in your Exhibitor Kit. Be sure to use the labels provided in your Exhibitor Kit and clearly write the name of your company and booth number on all packages. Please pay attention to dates, and always refer to your Exhibitor Kit for detailed shipping information.

how can I purchase liability insurance?

Contact your insurance provider to add the event, UBM Americas and the contention center in which you’ll be exhibiting. Buy your insurance using the same name you gave us on your exhibit space contract as the “exhibiting company”. If that name is different from your corporate name, then please list it as a DBA (doing business as). Insurance will only cover the specific show in which it was purchased.

where do I store all my empty crates, cartons and cases? what if I have a medical emergency and need medical attention in my booth?

All shipping containers must be removed from the exhibit floor before the show opens. If you wish for your empties to be removed and stored, please request “EMPTY” storage labels at the Exhibitor Service Desk, flatten and tie together cardboard boxes, fill out storage labels completely and then leave your boxes outside your space. Boxes will be removed at the end of day on setup day and returned after show close.

what if I have a medical emergency and need medical attention in my booth?

Stop anyone with a radio and staff badge or a security guard, and let them know the situation. They will be able to contact our on-site EMT.

what type of security is provided on-site?

There is peripheral security during the show. However, you are responsible for the security of your individual booth and its contents. We recommend that you secure your booth by hiring an overnight security guard, not leaving one-of-a-kind samples, expensive jewelry, or small items unattended at any time, carrying a detailed list of all your products, and closing off your booth at the end of each day.

who do I contact if I have questions or need assistance on-site during setup?

Show Management Floor Managers and GES Exhibitor Services Executives will be on the show floor at all times. Get to know them! They are available to help and assist exhibitors. If they cannot help you, they will direct you to the correct Account Representative. If you have questions regarding your booth set-up and/or fixtures please visit the GES Exhibitor Service Desk located on the show floor.

I have a question that hasn't been answered. who can I ask?

For general show information, please email [email protected], or call (877) 554-4834; International: +1 (218) 740-6387.

  • For questions on your account, payment, booth guidelines, booth number, etc. please contact your Account Executive listed above.
  • For info on ordering, shipping, drayage, rentals, etc. please contact the GES Exhibitor Service Center at (800) 475-2098; International: +1 (702) 515-5970.