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December 14, 2018

SOURCING AT MAGIC brings Smart Design & Advanced Manufacturing to the forefront.

Posted at 11:58 AM


Smart design and advanced manufacturing are creating a wave of new efficiencies that are evolving today's industry. That's why this February, SOURCING AT MAGIC will connect you to new technology solutions that can lower inventories and increase speed to market in your business.

EXPERIENCE design software, trend + color innovations and new machinery within the show's newly launched smart-tech area. 

LEARN from c-level professionals and thought leaders from Huston Textiles, Kali Made, Vidalia Denim, Volcom + more in the complimentary MAGIC seminar series.

See the technology and speaker lineup below, and be sure to check back in for more updates leading up to the show February 4-7 in Las Vegas (Click here to REGISTER for MAGIC)


Smart Design Advanced Manufacturing Sourcing at magic  


  •  - 3D to 2D digital pattern rendering
  •  - Smart color management "RIP" systems
  •  - Intro to virtual Inventories


 micro factory sourcing at magic

 - Textile cutting technology
 -  Digital "direct to garment" printing
 - On-demand manufacturing...




LIVE Micro-Factory Demo

Smart Design and Advanced Manufacturing will create a wave of new efficiencies that currently do not exist in the business by lowering inventory and further increasing speed to market. The industry is evolving and people want to see more demand on solution. 
The goal is to increase speed to the market and efficient on demand production to lower inventory and to get to a place where virtual inventory will be the new norm. Virtual inventory will minimizing waste - no over production that ends up at a land field - creating a tool for you to better control your supply chain and merchandiser and speed to the market and efficiency.
SOURCING at MAGIC will showcase the machinery, and software to run and efficient micro-factory.

Presenting Exhibitors: Tukatech * Mutoh * Royal Exclusive Cutting & Sewing Machines

Micro-Factory Steps Include: 

1. Body scanner (Tukatech) - Scan your fit model using the Styku Body Scanner. Hundreds of measurements can be extracted from a body scan which can then be used to create a 3D avatar that is an exact replica of your fit model.
2. Cad System creating the style to a 3D format (Tukatech) - TUKA3D's accurate virtual fit sessions with animation allow the user to bypass physical sample making, dramatically reducing the time and cost associated with product development.
3. Software to manage files that will take the images in the Cad system and convert them to patterns and markers and is sent to the printer. (Tukatech) - Tukatech's 3D apparel design software eliminates the need for trial and error in physical sample creation, ensuring that any design fits right the first time.
4. Direct to Fabric Digital Printer (Mutoh) - this solution eliminates the need to have conventional equipment for manufacturing purposes. This sustainable, clean printing solution is housed in a compact space.

5. Heat press for post treatment of printing (provided by Mutoh)  
6. Automatic laser cutter guided by camera technology (Tukatech) - Accelerate sewn-goods manufacturing with eco-friendly and agile automatic fabric cutting machines. Precisely cut an expansive variety of materials up to 8 cm compressed with a vacuum seal, including knits, wovens, and industrial fabrics. Input marker cut data via USB or through the CAD system network for added flexibility.
7. Sewing stations (provided by Royal Exclusive Cutting & Sewing Machines)

Don't miss your opportunity to see this amazing activation in action on the show floor at SOURCING at Magic. Click here to register to attend. 



Monday, February 4th | 1:30-2:30 PM | Las Vegas Convention Center, S229

Today’s world of design centers on new tools of the trade and good old creativity.  Sketching is no longer all that you need to create a product. However, combine those skills with new technologies and become a design star. Today’s panel includes industry designers as well as “masters of the new technologies” who will share their insights and help you along a successful path.

MODERATOR: Frances Harder, President, Fashion For Profit

Stefano Aldighieri ,President, Another Design Studio 2.0
Jennifer Lynn Peterson, Designer, SILVER JEANS
Ram Sareen, Head Coach-Founder, TUKATECH

Tuesday, February 5th | 2:30 PM 

When Fruit of the Loom closed it’s plant in LA, Vidalia Denim stepped in to create DENIM BLUE and to revitalize jobs and an entire community, Ryan Huston left the military and returned home to start a business producing small-batch cloth, using vintage American-made machines, etc..
Meet these American Innovators who have taken the reigns to bring back the fashion industry to the U.S.A.

Ryan Houston, Founder, HUSTON TEXTILES 
Victor Kali, Founder, KALI MADE


Wednesday, February 6th | 10:30-11:30 PM | Las Vegas Convention Center, S224

Who are your consumers? How do they shop? What are the important “next trends” such as smart textiles, sustainability and the growth of the Special Size market? And why do you need to be incorporating these into your brand or retail business? Join us to find out all the latest online/in-store shopping trends from Cotton Incorporated’s LIFESTYLE Monitor research.

Melissa Bastos, Director of Market Research, COTTON INCORPORATED 


Wednesday, February 6th | 1:00 PM 

Are you a designer? Sourcing expert? Retailer? Consumer?  If you are not interested in the impact of our industry on the wellbeing of the planet and the people working in the factories worldwide, it is time to wake up and join the futurists.  VOLCOM and THE UNDERSWELL will share their stories on what they have learned, how they’ve reacted, and who they’re working with in order to lower their environmental impacts and better benefit workers at home and around the world.  As a member of an industry that is one of the largest polluters on the globe, isn’t it time to learn and react? 
Katherine Stein, Director Business Development - Softlines
, SGS North America Inc.
Big Tony Alvarez, Global VP, Supply Chain / Compliance, VOLCOM
Derek Sabori, Founder, THE UNDERSWELL


Wednesday, February 6th | 2:00 PM

Whether you’re selling circular saws or designer handbags, all consumer products fall into three categories requiring different types of content. With over a decade of experience, our speaker helps listeners understand the critical differences between product types and lays out clear, understandable content tactics and guidelines specific to each.
Brian Hennessy, CEO, TALKOOT and Co-Founder of THREAD CREATIVE

See the full roster of educational seminars happening during MAGIC here.



About the Speakers:


Frances Harder

Frances Harder | President, Fashion For Profit

Frances is an industry expert and educator who has published a series of books dealing with starting a fashion business.  Fashion for Profit, Costing for Profit, Brand Building for Profit and Forms for Profit are industry focused texts used both by new companies and for further education programs. www.fashionforprofit.com. She was the Founder/President of the FBI (Fashion Business Incorporated) 1999- 2017.  Educational 501c3, which provided vital business development and certified job retraining programs to the US apparel industry. United Nations consultant for small businesses producing Alpaca products in Peru & Cashmere products in Nepal. 
Frances consults and speaks internationally on product development, branding, merchandising, production and entering the US market. Serves as an industry expert in legal disputes including: copyright, trademark, design and patent infringements, plus chargeback issues. She’s also an adjunct professor Cal Poly Pomona, a member of the Southern California District Export Council (SCDEC), Business Incubation Network (BINS). Previously she was a full time Associate Professor at Otis College of Art and Design & full-time instructor at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise (FIDM) among other colleges both in the US and UK. She designed a line using her name under license in Japan, designed two lines for Pricilla Presley for Home Shopping and designed sportswear for the Royal House of Brunei sports teams. 


Stefano Alighieri

Stefano Aldighieri | President, Another Design Studio 2.0

Stefano Aldighieri is a globally recognized design and creative director with a comprehensive knowledge of the fashion industry. Holding two patents in garment construction, Stefano has worked with startups and international organizations in several countries, acting as Creative Director for Hudson Jeans and 7 for all Mankind, CEO of Tuff Gong Clothing, and Design Director/R&D for Levi Strauss & Co.; in the last decade, he has consulted with brands, retailers and manufacturers around the world. Currently acting as creative director at Arvind Limited in India




Jennifer PetersonJennifer Peterson | Designer, Silver Jeans

Jennifer is a passionate senior apparel designer, driven by a unique blend of creative talent and business insight. Highly specialized in Denim “jeanswear” and hard-wovens, she has consistently designed trend-right styles for Contemporary Women’s, Men’s and Children’s markets.  Jennifer thrives on being challenged as a designer, continually trying new things and gaining experience in product categories like Sportswear, Sweaters, Intimates and Accessorie

Over the last twelve years, Jennifer regularly uses technology design tools to create intricate pocket embroideries, complex floral designs, and wash abrasion placement for notable lifestyle brands – GUESS Inc, TRUE RELIGION and SILVER JEANS CO.  She currently is leading/designing the growing Sportswear line at SILVER JEANS CO, which she ADORES (ALMOST as much as she adores her hubby and 2 kiddos).



Ram Sareen

Ram Sareen | Head Coach & Founder, Tukatech

Ram Sareen, CEO of Tukatech, is one of these individuals who is innovatively molding the next generation of pattern making for the next generation of fashion designers. 3D prototyping is absolutely the future of garment making, just like it was the future for the development of buildings, cars and so many other products. Tukatech’s 3D solution shines above the pack by being the most flexible and powerful of the solutions. Garments with very unique or difficult construction can be done in TUKAD that could not otherwise be done thanks to its ‘draping in stages’ features and the ability to hide/show, and lock/unlock pattern pieces. The unique in-viewport animation capability gives users the ability to set up runway shows on their own, as well as analyze the fit of garments while in motion.



Ryan Houston

Ryan Houston | Founder, Huston Textiles 

Following his service in the United States Army, Ryan Houston and his wife Kat decided to build a business that truly reflects what the American Dream meant to them. After the birth of their first child, together they founded Huston Textile Co. inside their home garage in the fall of 2012. A few years later, they opened shop in a converted military hangar just outside of Sacramento, California.Together, Ryan and Kat have done a great deal of research and development to achieve their vision to make high quality, small-batch cloth, using vintage American-made machines. The journey has been a true labor of love, from locating the machinery to restoring it to its original working state; while at the same time using U.S. sourced raw materials.“At Huston Textile Company, we hope to reignite the domestic textile industry while sharing our knowledge about textiles and their environmental impact to ensure a healthy future for all.” 



Victor Kali Victor Kali | Founder, Kali Made

Victor Kali was born and raised in the SF Bay Area and started his Oakland-based independent label, Kali Made Garments, in 2017 after a number of years working in the corporate fashion industry. Inspired by his California roots and the beauty of heritage garments, Kali strives to create pieces based on the ethos that clothes should be long lasting, extremely wearable, and age gracefully for decades. Locally-produced, ethically and sustainably sourced, and designed for a ruggedly elegant modern lifestyle, Kali Made lives outside the existing fashion structures and works to challenge modern attitudes of consumption in fashion, while still providing beauty and joy to as wide an audience as possible.




Dan Feibus

Dan Feibus | CEO, Vidalia Denim

Dan is CEO of Visalia Denim Mills oused at a 900,000 square foot facility in Vidalia, LA, the heart of the cotton-producing region of the Mississippi Delta, Vidalia Denim is designed to set the standard for sustainability, quality, and product range flexibility in North America. Following an immediate ramp up in its operations during the remainder of 2018, Vidalia Denim Mills will begin full commercial operations during the first quarter of 2019.  Vidalia Denim will use e3 sustainable cotton exclusively in its operations, the first such operation in the world. Further, Vidalia Denim will source its cotton from across the US farm belt from various farmers enrolled in the e3 sustainable cotton program. Additionally, utilizing next generation indigo dye technology, Vidalia Denim boasts an ability to use less water and manage its power usage more efficiently than any other denim mill in North America. Vidalia Denim plans to employ more than 300 full time workers at the facility.


Melissa Bastos

Melissa Bastos | Director of Market Research, Cotton Incorporated

Melissa Bastos serves as the Director, Market Research in the Corporate Strategy and Program Metrics Department of Cotton Incorporated. In her role, Melissa is responsible for directing the development of corporate performance measures, corporate strategy, and strategic research including global consumer attitudinal and behavioral studies as well as product assessments, such as the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ and Retail Monitor™ research, which are conducted in the US, China, Europe, Latin America and India. For more than 15 years, Melissa has researched, analyzed, and presented consumer and retail behaviors in over 20 countries. 



BIG TONY ALVAREZ  "Big" Tony Alvarez | Global VP Supply Chain, Volcom

Tony Alvarez’ career in the Action Sports Industry spans 25yrs focusing on Accessories and Footwear Production, Sourcing and product compliance. In 2008, Tony was instrumental in creating the Volcom P.A.S.S program (Product and Social Safety) covering all corporate social responsibility and regulatory compliance for Volcom. He has shared the Volcom P.A.S.S. process as a guest panelist for the AAFA, Magic, SGS and Texbase seminars and webinars throughout the US and is a core member of the Kering Chemical Framework Committee based in Paris, France. In 2010 Tony received a Masters Certification in Supply Chain Management. In doing so, Tony was able to bring a total supply chain approach to Volcom and its global subsidiaries while expanding their position as a compliance leader within the Action Sports Industry. 


Derek Sabori

Derek Sabori | Founder, The Underswell

After launching a career at Volcom in 1996, Derek held many diverse roles at the company before finally serving 5 years as the Vice President of Sustainability under the leadership of the CEO and the Sustainability Team at Kering, Volcom’s parent company. After 19 years with Volcom, Derek left the company to play a co-founding role at KOZM, the yoga centered, sustainability driven lifestyle brand. Additionally, Derek is the founder at The Underswell, crafting sustainability talks and advice to help navigate the complexities of sustainability in our modern lifestyles and to better integrate sustainability into our business and lives. Derek has recently served as a director on the boards of the Costa Mesa Foundation, the Orange Coast College Foundation, and PangeaSeed, an NGO dedicated to shark and ocean conservation, and the UC Irvine Alumni Association. Derek is also a part time sustainability instructor and career workshop project coordinator at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA.